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Parent Guide for Online Phonics Learning


Below are a list of phonics resources available for you to learn at home. Please click on the titles to access the resources;


No Nonsense Spelling

Year 2 - Summer 2 - Week 2
Year 2 - Summer 2 - Week 1
Year 2 - Summer 1 - Week 5
Year 2 - Summer 1 - Week 4
Year 2 - Summer 1 - Week 3
Year 2 - Summer 1 - Week 2
Year 2 - Summer 1 - Week 1


Phase 2

Phase 2-Sound 1-"ff" -(EH)

Phase 2-Sound 2-"ll" -(EH)

Phase 2-Sound 3-"l" -(EH)

Phase 2-Sound 4-"ss" -(EH) 

Phase 2-Sound 5-"b" -(EH)

Phase 2-Sound 6-"f" -(EH)

Phase 2-Sound 7-"h" -(EH)

Phase 2-Sound 8-"r" -(EH)

Phase 2-Sound 9-"u" -(EH)

Phase 2-Sound 10-"e"

Phase 2-Sound 11-"ck"

Phase 2-Sound 12-"k"

Phase 2-Sound 13-"c"

Phase 2-Sound 14-"g"

Phase 2-Sound 15-"o"

Phase 2-Sound 16-"d"

Phase 2-Sound 17-"m"

Phase 2-Sound 18-"n"

Phase 2-Sound 19-"i"

Phase 2-Sound 20-"p"

Phase 2-Sound 21-"t"

Phase 2-Sound 22-"s"

Phase 2-Sound 23-"a"

Phase 2-Sound 24-"Revision"

Phase 2-Sway 25 "Revision Page 1"

Phase 2-Sway 26 "Revision Page 2"

Phase 2-Sway 26 "Revision Page 2"

Phase 2-Sway 28 "Revision Page 4"

Phase 2-Sway 29 "Revision Page 5"

Phase 2-Sway 30 "Revision Page 6"

Phase 2-Sway 31 "Revision Page 7"

Phase 2-Sway 32 "Revision Page 8"

Phase 2-Sway 33 "Revision Page 9"

Phase 2-Sway 34 "Revision Page 10"

Phase 2-Sway 35 "Revision Page 12"

Phase 2-Sway 36 "Revision Page 13"


Phase 3

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 1-"j"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 2-"x"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 3-"w"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 4-"v" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 5-"y" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 6-"z" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 7-"zz" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 8-"qu" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 9-"ch" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 10-"sh"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 11-"th"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 12-"ng"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 13-"ai"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 14-"ee"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 15-"igh"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 16-"oa"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 17-"oo"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 18-"oo"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 19-"ar"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 20-"or"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 21-"ur"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 22-"ow"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 23-"oi"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 24-"ear"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 25-"air"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 26-"ure"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 27-"er

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 28-"Revision-Page 1"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 29-"Revision-Page 2"

Phonics-Phase 3-Sound 30-"Revision-Page 3"

Phonics-Phase 3-"Revision-Page 4"

Phonics-Phase 3-"Revision-Page 5"

Phonics-Phase 3-"Revision-Page 6"

Phonics-Phase 3-"Revision-oa"

Phonics-Phase 3-"Revision-ar"

Phonics-Phase 3-"Revision-or"


Phase 4

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 3-"pl"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 2-"cl"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 1-"bl"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 4-"fl" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 5-"gl"(EH)

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 6-"sl" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 7-"br" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 8-"cr" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 9-"dr" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 10-"fr"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 11-"gr"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 12-"pr"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 13-"tr"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 14-"sk"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 15-"tw"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 16-"sp"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 17-"sw"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 18-"sm"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 19-"sn"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 20-"str"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 21-"spl"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 22-"shr"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 23-"spr"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 24-"thr"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 25-"scr"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 26-"squ"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 27-"nk"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 28-"Revision of ll"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 29-"Revision of ss"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 30-"Revision of ck"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 31-"Revision of ff"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 32-"Revision of sh"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 33-"Revision of ch"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 34-"Revision of th"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 35-"Revision of air"

Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 36-"Revision of igh"


Phase 5

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 2- "ou"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 3-"ea"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 4-"y"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 4-"oy"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 5-"ir" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 6-"a-e" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 7-"i-e" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 8-"ie" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 9-"o-e" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 10-"oe"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 11-"u-e"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 12-"ue"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 13-"e-e"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 14-"wh"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 15-"ow"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 16-"ce"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 17-"ace"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 18-"au"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 19-"ey-they"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 20-"ey-money"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 21-"ind"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 22-"old"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 23-"tch"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 24-"wa"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 25-"aw"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 26-"all"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 27-"ph"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 28-"Revision of split vowel a-e"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 29-"Revision of split vowel i-e"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 30-"Revision of split vowel o-e"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 31-"Revision of split vowel u-e"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 32-"Revision of split vowel e-e"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 33-"Revision of ow"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 34-"Revision of ce"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 35-"Revision of ace"

Phonics-Phase 5-Sound 36-"Revision of ey"


Phase 6

Phonics-Phase 6-Sound 1- "sion"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 2-"ie "

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 3-"ion"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 4-"tion" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 5-"ssion" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 6 "ure" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 7 "al" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 8 "ui" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 9 "ial" (EH)

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 10 "sc"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 11 "eigh"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 12 "ious"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 13 "cial"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 14 "que"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 15 "qu"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 16 "ch"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 17 "ch

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 18 "be"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 19 "re"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 20 "tial"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 21

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 22

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 23

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 24

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 25-"Compound words-A"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 26-"Compound words-B"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 27-"Compound words-C"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 28-"Compound words-D"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 29-"Compound words-E"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 30-"Compound words-F"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 31-"Compound words-G"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 32-"Compound words-H"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 33-"Compound words-I"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 34-"Compound words-J"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 35-"Compound words-K"

Phonics-Phase 6- Sound 36-"Compound words-L"


Additional Phonics Learning

See the link below for some additional Phonics lessons. These lessons are different to the way Phonics is taught at Beacon View but they are very good and will keep you busy.

Letter to Parents from DFE

Letters & Sounds - Youtube

Autumn Term Letters and Sounds



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