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Design Technology


As designers and engineers, children at Beacon View are provided with a wide range of practical tools that will help them bring their ideas to life in fun and creative ways.  They will be able to design and produce something using different tools and materials in the full range of DT areas including food, textiles, structures, mechanical systems and electrical systems.  They will be able to apply skills from other areas of the curriculum such as maths and science and understand the use of these skills.

They will have the confidence to have a go at something and learn that errors are not a negative thing but a vital step in the design process.

They will learn that they are capable of making positive changes to their own lives and those of the people around them through making healthy food choices and through understanding and following the principles of the 5 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse, repurpose).  

Whole School Overview




Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Cooking and Nutrition – Making Gruffalo paws (with support)

Cooking and Nutrition – Making Gruffalo paws (with support)

Cooking and Nutrition – fruit kebabs

Textiles – Marking out and joining fabric


Finger puppets of animals

Free standing structures


Photo frames as Christmas presents

Linkage type mechanisms


A guide to the rainforest with moving parts – e.g pop ups, spinners, levers, tabs etc


Static Structure: Musical Instruments- consider appearance and use in musical composition (Rainmaker)

Structures:  Techniques for reinforcing and strengthening structures

Design and make an aqueduct


Structures – To build a chair for baby bear (with support)

Structures – To build a chair for baby bear (with support)

Static Structures - Castle

Create models from sheet and reclaimed materials


Mechanisms- Vehicles using mechanisms ( wheels, axels, pulleys and levers)


Design and made a fire engine

Mechanisms and Control (Pneumatics)


Design and make a moving monster


Textiles- reinforce fabrics ( over stitching), create and use a pattern, develop decorative techniques (applique)


Create a purse for the Rio Carnival


Mechanisms: Moving toys using Cams, wheels and axels to produce movement

Roman Siege Machines


Mechanisms:  Controllable vehicles using a motor to control direction and speed of movement

Viking Longship



Mechanisms – To create a moving mini beast (with support)      

Mechanisms – To create a moving mini beast (with support)      

Moving pictures - Create a  book with moving parts


Textiles-  use a paper pattern and a range of ways of joining fabric


Design a suit for Tim Peake

Cooking and Nutrition


Food preparation techniques, combining flavours and textures

Make a Greek salad

Electrical Control


Design an alarm to protect a valuable painting/artefact

Cooking and nutrition:  Bread

Function and properties of materials, use of food tools and techniques, safety and hygiene


Design for a range of needs -warmth, size

Pattern making and finishing skills


T shirt project

Respect | Responsibility | Resilience

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