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As Geographists, children at Beacon View Primary Academy are encouraged to properly understand and explore their local area through fieldwork and observational skills. They will develop their geographical vocabulary to be able to accurately describe and communicate their ideas. Through carefully planned specific geographical units, and by looking at the wider world, the children broaden their horizons and develop a love and curiosity of the world and the people within it.  Realising that other communities are nothing like their own and understanding the reasons for this. All pupils at Beacon View will be taught to understand the opportunities that are available to them in the wider world and their responsibility to look after it and what this looks like in a practical sense. 

By the end of KS2 all pupils leave Beacon View:

  • Having developed contextual knowledge of the location of globally significant places – both terrestrial and marine – including their defining physical and human characteristics and how these provide a geographical context for understanding the actions of processes
  • Understanding the processes that give rise to key physical and human geographical features of the world, how these are interdependent and how they bring about spatial variation and change over time

They will also be competent in the geographical skills needed to:

  • collect, analyse and communicate with a range of data gathered through experiences of fieldwork that deepen their understanding of geographical processes
  • interpret a range of sources of geographical information, including maps, diagrams, globes, aerial photographs and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • communicate geographical information in a variety of ways, including through maps, numerical and quantitative skills and writing at length.

Whole School Overview



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6




Here I am


Exploring key human and physical features in the UK and introducing fieldwork



Mini Mappers


Studying the geography of the local area



United Kingdom


Understanding the key geographical features of the United Kingdom



A village in Brazil


Understanding the physical features and climate of Brazil, and the human settlements and economy



Investigating world trade


Investigating the process by which food is grown, traded and transported to our supermarkets



Improving the environment


Understanding the need to reduce waste and the use of non-renewable energy




There you are


Comparing the human and physical features of the UK with a non-European country



Hot and cold deserts


Comparing the features of the Sahara and Antarctica



Investigating mountains and volcanoes


Understanding how volcanoes are formed and the human and physical impacts they can have





Understanding the key features of a rainforest ecosystem, the benefits they have and the threats they face



Investigating water


Understanding the water cycle and the features of rivers



Living on the edge


Comparing a European refugee camp to an Indian slum, and understanding push and pull factors for each?




Where we are


Locating countries, continents and oceans and exploring some human and physical features



Investigating rivers


Understanding key features of rivers, and the opportunities and challenges that settlements near rivers face



Looking at Europe


Comparing the human and physical features of the Alps and the Amalfi coast, and exploring how these features interact with tourism



Earthquakes and human settlements


Understanding why earthquakes take place and what affects they can have on human settlements



Climate across the world


Understanding time zones, climate zones and biomes, and the effects of global warming



I am a geographer


Posing questions, completing fieldwork and presenting a geographical investigation

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