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As Historians, children at Beacon View are inspired to learn more about the past and understand how civilizations across the world have developed over time. Through carefully planned units, children have the opportunity to investigate, interpret and be curious about the past. Children also develop an understanding of chronology and are able to contextualize history through three vertical concepts that run through the core of our planning. These abstract ideas are: 

  • Quest for Knowledge  

  • Power, empire and democracy 

  • Community and family 

Children are provided with the opportunity to consider themselves and reflect on the impact of historical events on modern day living. Furthermore, they are enabled to take this further by considering both positive and negative experiences of many other civilizations across the world, including those of ethnic minorities. As a result of this, our children at Beacon View are able to challenge ideas of the past and ask historically curious questions. 


Whole School Overview


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6




What was life like for people in the past?

[Aut 2]


 An introduction to the discipline of history with my family tree, and how schools, toys and the way we communicate have changed over time​



Local history: community & family


Exploring how our community has changed over time through one lens like food or music



European history:​

Prehistoric Britain​

 [Aut 2]


How settlements, food, communities and beliefs changed across the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age​



North American history:​

Ancient Maya


Understanding life for the Ancient Maya, and comparing this with that of the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians​



European history:​

Ancient Rome


The development of the Roman Empire, how it changed over time, and how these changes affected people differently​



European history:​

Settlement by Anglo-Saxons​

 [Aut 1]


Using artefacts identified at Sutton Hoo to explore what life was like for Anglo-Saxons​




How did people travel in the past?​


The development of transport by land, sea, air and space and the roles of key individuals​



Great Fire of London​

 [Spr 2]


Life in London 1660s, and the causes and effects of the Great Fire of London​



African history:​

Ancient Egypt


The role of the pharaoh in Ancient Egypt, and examining pyramids, mummification and conquest in the Egyptian empire​



Asian history:​

Early Islamic Civilisation


The establishment of Baghdad and the contributions Islamic scholars in the House of Wisdom made to science, maths, medicine and technology​



European history:​

Roman Empire in Britain


The Roman conquest of Britain, and how the Romans maintained power in Britannia​



European history:​

Viking invasions​

 [Spr 2]​


Understanding who the Vikings were and how their reputation has changed over time; making arguments as to whether they deserve a violent reputation​



Where did people live in the past?​


How homes looked different in the past, using pictures and videos​


Comparison of explorers​


The similarities and differences between the lives of Sacagawea and Michael Collins​


European history:​

Ancient Greece​

[Sum 2] 


The contributions made by the city-states of Ancient Greece, and how these are influence our lives today​


European history:​

Local History


Why is [X] famous today?​

How has [local feature] been important in our community?​

How has migration shaped our community?

How has [local feature] been important in our community?


Global history:​

Quest for knowledge​

 [Sum 2]​


An exploration of a range of civilisations across the world and across time, and how they developed and shared knowledge​


Global history:​

Power, empire and democracy​


A short introduction to the rise and fall British Empire, and its legacy in Britain from the 1960s to today​

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