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Religious Education


Our intention for RE teaching across Beacon View is that the children are given the skills to enable them to interpret human behaviour and the causes for this through a focus on different concepts including respect, specialness, belonging, celebration, identity, remembrance and love.  These concepts are explored through the cycle of:

  • Communicate (where the children explain their thoughts and feelings about the concept)
  • Apply (where the children think about how the concept affects their own life)
  • Enquire (where the children find out what the concept means to others)
  • Contextualise (where the children find out what religious people understand by the concept or idea and how this impacts their lives)
  • Evaluate (where the children look at why the concept or idea is important to religious people and consider how important it is to them.)

Through this process, the children will develop a better understanding of themselves and their own beliefs and values.  They will be able to understand and appreciate some of the different beliefs and practices of 4 of the main religions in the World, identifying and celebrating the similarities and differences within these.


Whole School Overview

Religious Education is taught in each year group across Beacon View.  To identify what aspects of religious studies to teach, we follow the agreed Hampshire syllabus Living Difference IV.  To find out more information about this syllabus, you can follow the link below.

Living Difference IV

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education lessons on grounds of their faith.  Please speak to your child’s class teacher if this is something you wish to consider.



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Autumn 1

Concept: Celebrating (birth)

Focus: Jesus’ birth

Concept: Celebration

Focus: Harvest

Concept: God

Focus: Ideas about God

Concept: Neighbour

Focus: The Good Samaritan

Concept: Ritual


Focus: Sukkot


Concept: Belonging


Focus: Belonging in Islam


Concept: Rites of Passage


Focus: The journey of life


Autumn 2

Concept: Journey’s End

Focus: Nativity

Concept: Light as a symbol

Focus: Divali and Advent


Concept: Angels


Focus: Angels


Concept: Symbol

Focus: Hannukah


Concept: Faith


Focus: Annunciation


Concept: Warning


Focus: The Christmas story – The Magi


Spring 1

Concept: Precious


Focus: Water


Concept: Remembering

Focus: Holi


Concept: Persuasion

Focus: Following Jesus


Concept: Freedom


Focus: Passover and Moses


Concept: Identity


Focus: Purim


Concept: Stewardship


Focus: Creation


Concept: Power


Focus: God’s Power


Spring 2

Concept: Change

Focus: People Jesus met


Concept: Happy and Sad

Focus: Easter

Concept: Welcoming

Focus: Palm Sunday


Concept: Ceremony


Focus: Death ceremonies


Concept: Symbol


Focus: The cross


Concept: Laws


Focus: Easter – Jesus the law breaker


Concept: Resurrection


Focus: The Empty Cross


Summer 1

Concept: Remembering (Someone special)

Focus: Krishna’s birthday

Concept: Special

Focus: Special Clothes


Concept: Authority

Focus: Key events in the life of Jesus


Concept: Symbol


Focus: Trees as a symbol


Concept: Courage

Focus: Old testament stories

Concept: Sacrifice


Focus:  Eid-ul-Adha


Concept: A Good Life


Focus: Humanism


Summer 2

Concept: Looking Forward


Focus: Transition

Concept: Special

Focus: Special Food

Concept: Creation


Focus: Creation Stories


Concept: Temptation


Focus: Making Choices


Concept: Divine


Focus: Miracle stories


Concept: Message


Focus: Jesus, his teachings and his message


Concept: Justice


Focus: Stories of justice


Respect | Responsibility | Resilience

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