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Teaching writing is a major focus at Beacon View. 

We aim to establish a positive climate for writing by providing the children with;

  • access to a wide range of quality reading including non-fiction, stories, poetry and playscripts;
  • inviting writers, story tellers and poets into school;
  • spreading enthusiasm for all sorts of reading and writing;
  • creating frequent opportunities to publish writing;
  • writing about subjects that matter to the children.

We ensure our young writers spend time preparing, mulling ideas over, finding out information, generating ideas and organising their thoughts before they start to write. They then create simple, manageable plans for their writing to help them improve because it frees their attention from worrying about ‘what to say next’.

Children will then draft out their ideas so they can rehearse sentences and parts of sentences, concentrating, imagining ideas to ensure there is a flow within their composition. They are encouraged to select words for maximum effect; creating, controlling and varying sentences whilst using a range of connectives.

We then provide opportunities for the writing to be read aloud to hear how it sounds. Pupils assist each other, developing the skills of reading critically and considering sensitively what is effective in a text and how it might be improved. It is routine for children to check for aspects of writing that they find difficult.


Handwriting Policy

We expect all children to join their letters. Ask your child's class teacher for a copy of the handwriting script used. All letters should start on the line and most finish on the line.

To improve a child's handwriting we first need to strengthen their hands. To do this we suggest the following activities;

  1. Gross Motor Warm-up Activities (5 minutes)
    • Do crab walk
    • Perform push ups on floor
    • Chair push-ups
      1. Child places hands on either side of chair next to thighs.
      2. Straightens arms and lifts bottom off the chair
    • Balance on one leg with eyes closed
    • Walk toe-to-heel on a masking tape line on the floor
  2. Fine Motor Warm-up Activities (5-10 minutes)
    • Rub hands together
    • Touch all fingers with the thumb on the same hand
    • Open and close pegs using each finger
    • Squeeze tennis balls
    • Rub hands in circles on the carpet
    • Play with blu-tac
    • Build with small Lego blocks
    • String small beads
    • Roll clay between fingers
    • "Walk" fingers up and down the pencil

Send a Message - Frequently leave notes on pillows, desks, mirrors, wherever. Have your child write you a note in return. A family chalkboard or message board is a great tool for encouraging your child to write messages.

Letters - Make letter writing a habit for your child. Have your child write letters to family and friends.

“Year in Review” Notebook - Keep an ongoing record of your family’s life. Every family member can add to your family’s story. Include important events that happen during the year. On New Year’s Eve, sit down and read through your “Year in Review” and start a notebook for the next year. To add to your story, include family photos whenever possible.

Give Writing as a Gift - For birthday presents or for other gifts, have your child write a story.

Postcards - Have your child write and mail postcards on family holidays or special outings.

Say “Thank You” - Let your child get in the habit of writing “Thank You” notes for gifts or whenever it is appropriate to do so.

Journals - On your child’s birthday, give him/her a special journal. Encourage your child to write in his/her journal as often as possible.

Make a Menu - Let your child design and write the menu for a family dinner. This is a great activity that will keep a child busy while mom or dad is cooking. If some of the words are difficult, write them down on a separate sheet of paper for the child to copy.

This is just a small selection of ideas. I am sure you could come up with your own creative ideas.

Remember that the important thing for parents to focus on is the content more than grammar and other details of his/her child’s writing. When a child begins to write, he/she runs the risk of receiving criticism—parents have the job of encouraging their child to continue. Also, parents should keep supplies of paper, pencils, markers, and other writing tools within easy reach. If you need resources just ask the classteacher.


The handwriting font used at Beacon View


Pen Licence

These children have obtained their pen licence this year.

Year 1


Year 2

Amy White     Freya Kelly   Nikita Watton   Olivia-Rose Bell

Olivia Hall      Nikita McDonald

Year 3

Sonny Tyler                                   Lily Nguyen             

Magdalena Smietana                  Archie Lawrence

Amelie Rose Redmond-Bate      Frankie Shields

Year 4

Morgan Banbury     Alicia Carter    Ava Allen          Summer Cullen

Freddie Willis          Taylor Hamilton-Thorpe          Wade Blight

Aminata Jammeh    Kayden Small   Mia Hicks        Tommy Jeffery

George Newham      Lottie-Jane Parfiitt                  Sadie Bowles

Taylor Frais               Gleb Klepanosovs

Year 5

Amelia Pearson   Dotty Moore     Shannon Mycroft       Lily Barnard

Alsafah Hussain   Bryony Martin   Gypsi Ward-Lewis    Bradley Hoyle

Elsie Drackett   Jemima Zole        Freddie Griffiths        Grace Doba            Jessica Bright     Kai Darnton        Abigail Powell       Logan Hutchison       Julia Smietana    Sophie Bola       Slade Daniells      Phoebe Burgess        Jack Edwards   Star Hey

Year 6

Lola Willis     Blu Daniells     Anya Roach        Jayden Johnsey  

Talulah –Belle Newman      Ellizer Jeffery      Phoebe Shields                Amber Hannigan           Brooke Hayward     Tyler O’Donovan

Chloe Loader       Leo Thompson-Bingle         Lacey George

Albie Smith     Angel Hey       Sammie Martin       Tia-Louise Dering

Lilli-Mai Johnson     Kieran Hicks   Ralph Jerams     Lucy Hickley

Micah Smith   Connie Conlon


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