At Beacon View Primary Academy, our Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum is designed to teach children to become healthy, respectful, moral members of British society. 

Children’s personal and social development is interlinked in all areas of school life. Our school’s vision is to develop the whole child and their individual talents and teach them the skills they need to become active and economically self-sufficient citizens. Our curriculum teaches children essential skills for life such as cooperation, teamwork, resilience as well as respect for others and the environment. 

Delivering an ‘education with character’ is at the foundation of all we do. Children are encouraged to develop new talents and qualities unique to them and to express themselves clearly and articulately. We believe that it is vital to facilitate our children to develop the values and skills they will need to become compassionate and driven leaders of the future. Our curriculum is designed to give children knowledge and understanding of where they are from but also of where they could go. 

We teach children about equality, diversity and what healthy relationships look like and what this means for our society. By teaching children, the importance of British Values, we will be teaching them to become independent and responsible members of our school, the local community and wider society. 

Growth mindset 

At Beacon View, we know that children who have a positive attitude towards their learning, will perform well in school. Children with a growth mindset believe that intelligence can be developed – it is not fixed; they thrive in the face of challenge, embrace and celebrate mistakes and they see effort as a key part of their learning journey. 

Having a growth mindset means being open to and acting on feedback, being a reflective learner and constantly challenging themselves. Instilling our children with a growth mindset is a priority for the school and the children are enthusiastic about this ethos. We encourage children to take creative risks and to try new strategies with the intention of developing their resilience in the face of a mistake.  

Mistakes play a vital part in the learning process: When a new mistake is made, this is a crucial learning point, an opportunity for a misconception to be addressed. 

We praise children for identifying their mistakes and recognising how they have learnt from them. The Best in Everyone – this is what we embed in all of our school community and in order to reach their full potential, we want them to understand how they can be the best learner that they can be.  

Our Personal and Social development curriculum is structured to include six overarching themes which run throughout school. 

  • Growth Mindset  
  • Mental and Emotional Health  
  • Keeping Safe  
  • Healthy Lifestyles 
  • Living in the Wider World 
  • Relationships and Sex Education  

Through assemblies and lessons, children learn about the achievements and life stories of inspirational people from Britain and the wider world, giving them opportunities to see what is possible and to learn that with hard work and determination, dreams can be realised. 

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